Kiwi software company future-proofs airline operations

As the aviation industry stretches its fleets to fly further, faster and turn around quicker, a New Zealand headquartered software company is future proofing airline operation.

CEO Mark McCaughan said the company, Merlot, had just completed the acquisition of Geneva Airlines Operation Management system for an undisclosed sum.  

It completes a full circle for McCaughan, one of the founders of the Geneva system, who sold it in 2005 to start the more technologically-advanced

The everyday work for airline operations management company sees its high performance, cloud based operational software optimising fleet and crew utilisation, crew management and mobility and also includes compliance.

McCaughan says the Geneva business immediately adds a further 18 new airline customers but that it would be business as usual for existing Geneva customers with a dedicated support team available, many of whom are former Geneva staffers.  

“Because we have made the technology leap that is limiting Geneva, there is now access to more innovative technology to  ‘bolt on’ to existing software in many cases.”

Merlot has an active R&D investment program and McCaughan says bringing the two companies together means greater synergy and increased product innovation. The company is also looking at faster integration of new technologies; such as VOIP to merlot, ADS-B data to enable use of accurate aircraft position in real time, and the embedded use of fatigue risk management capabilities. 

Merlot employs around 80 in offices in North America, the Philippines and head office in New Zealand.