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Honda HR-V AWD - Video Road Report

NZSUV Magazine reviewed the all-new Honda HR-V AWD, and you can check out the video below.

After a ten year hiatus the HR-V has been reintroduced; it’s such an improvement the new vehicle probably shouldn’t share the name. The first generation wasn’t a massive seller here in New Zealand, but this incarnation is likely to change that. It really is a great value all-rounder – if you’re after a hatch, a station wagon or an SUV and are not quite sure which would suit you, then consider this little beauty, because it’s all three.

Most regular hatchbacks are limited in luggage capacity, so it’s worth noting that the HR-V – if you don’t mind comparing apples with pears for a moment – offers so much more. The ‘Magic Seats’ add superior versatility: their ability to instantly fold flat means throwing in plenty of gear is simple. The roomy rear seats also lift up and away from the floor completely, allowing a full height load space for the likes of bikes or small horses or whatever else you need to cart around. 

And even with a load packed in, fuel economy would be startlingly good. The HR-V’s 1.5-litre petrol engine sips 5.3 litres per 100km, which means you could fill the 40-litre tank and drive happily from Wellington to Whakapapa and back for a skiing weekend without stopping for gas. As long as you’re driving economically, of course, which the Honda will help you do: it comes with an ECON button that maximises fuel economy.

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