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NZBusiness December 2009
November 17, 2009

FEATURES: COVER STORY:The X-Port file wrapping up new    export markets ♦Ready...set... Global ♦Accounting...

Check First, invest second
November 17, 2009

Elena Szentivanyi explores why it’s so crucial to thoroughly research the availability and suitability of your trade mark as a...

In case of theft
November 17, 2009

Internal theft/fraud is now classed as amongst the country’s fastest-growing crime-forms. Kevin Kevany looks at the latest tactics...

Softening the blow
October 27, 2009

Risk management is about running faster – not simply dodging potholes. Kevin Kevany reviews the latest thinking in business risk...

Learning your way to the top
October 27, 2009

Merit and experience alone is no longer enough to keep business managers at the top of their game. Academic credentials are now vital for...

Business friendly & good to grow
October 27, 2009

How do you track down an accounting solution that meets the needs of your business? How do you find flexible, affordable software your...

NZBusiness November 2009
September 26, 2009

THE POWER OF RE-INVENTION Businesses must respond to tougher economic times by re-inventing themselves. St John Craner has plenty of...

NZBusiness October 2009
September 22, 2009

YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS Fiona Hewitt highlights the marketing potential of the person fronting a business and has some helpful tips on how...

Who’s minding your data?
September 22, 2009

Not investing in appropriate data security technology and procedures is as risky as failing to lock your business’s doors at night....

Use the stairs, quit the pies
September 22, 2009

Focusing on the health and wellness of staff members puts any business in a much better position all round. Patricia Moore reports on the...

A new set of challenges
September 6, 2009

Mike Smart has worked for others for 25 years. During that time he has been retrenched once and two separate companies that he has worked...

No more regular pay packet
September 3, 2009

Stuart Franklin and his wife Kathryn used to live in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Every day they’d commute an hour to work...

Coming soon to a mobile near you
August 18, 2009

Mobile phones are one of our most personal devices.  The number uniquely identifies us and they are with us almost 24/7. So it’s...

Pathway to the bigger picture
August 18, 2009

The MBA, more market-savvy than ever, is not just the ultimate business qualification, it is the ticket to new perspectives. ...

Buyers and Sellers BEWARE
August 18, 2009

What are the key factors to consider when buying or selling a business? And is this a good time to be in the market anyway? Kevin Kevany...

In my Fathers Footsteps
August 18, 2009

Chris Maclean recently took over from his father as CEO of Maclean Computing. But has the succession all gone to plan? Patricia Moore spoke...

NZBusiness September 2009
August 18, 2009

Success Comes Naturally With her aptly named business Natasha Berman-Carter steadfastly pursues perfection in every aspect of her...

Time to accentuate the positive
August 17, 2009

Are you letting the recession drag you and your business down? Jamie Ford offers 6 practical steps to help you thrive in...

Bridging the digital divide
July 21, 2009

Digital paper’ has evolved to become the new document management and storage system, as the possibility of the paperless office...

Import Fundamentals
July 21, 2009

Looking to import products into New Zealand for distribution? This beginner’s guide to importing and supply chain management will...

All the better for business
July 21, 2009

Making the commitment to The ICEHOUSE Owner Manager Programme wasn’t easy for Menumate CEO Andrew McClurg. But now he’s a...

The Tough Get Going: Digital Island
July 2, 2009

When the worsening economic times hit New Zealand in the third quarter of 2008, Blair Stewart was in a unique position to gauge its impact....

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