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A look through the LTC regime
February 19, 2012

    On 15 October the Government released the much anticipated legislation in relation to the treatment of Qualifying Companies...

Does Business Give a Damn.
February 19, 2012

  First, a warning and an apology. This is a rant.You would think, wouldn’t you, that as businesses struggle to cope with,...

Business: what’s the point?
February 19, 2012

  Is there a point to business? A purpose?If we were to conduct a street poll, what would people say in response to that question?I am...

7 secrets of fabulous businesses
February 19, 2012

  I am often asked what characterises a successful business versus an unsuccessful one. Despite the plethora of books on the...

Is Australia too franchised?
February 19, 2012

  An article in the Sydney Morning Herald a couple of months ago posed the question, ‘Is Australia too...

The need to name and shame.
February 19, 2012

  Late last year, the Commerce Commission publicised its involvement in the conviction of two South Island men for misrepresentation...

Don’t worry, everything is fine
February 19, 2012

  Marketing isn’t broken. It isn’t a gazillion times more complicated than this time last year. It hasn’t turned...

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